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Caring for People.

- Keeping Families Together.

- Being SMART with YOUR tax money

Make Washington WORK for YOU!


ON APRIL 4, 2017.

Richard on the streets of District 34 making a difference.

Campaigning in the rain on February 10, 2017 with Boyle Heights Resident Erika Pena.

Richard with Sullivan Team Member David Sigala, a downtown resident, outside the Pantry in Downtown LA on March 5, 2017.

Welcoming Canadian Tourists while Campaigning on Figueroa Street on March 11, 2017.


 My fellow Angelenos,

Our Government leaders are FAILING us.

The leaders in California have not helped our undocumented immigrants, the economy is in turmoil, our roads are falling apart and Downtown is turning into a tent city.

As your congressman I promise to:

     1.  Care about people.

      2.  Keep our families together.

     3.  Help bring jobs and trillions of dollars of Federal money to

          Los Angeles.

I am a part of this city and am reaching out to all of you that want positive change in LA. I WANT YOUR VOTE ON APRIL 4, 2017 and I will be the best Congressman that Los Angeles has ever had.

I feel I have a lot in common with some of our country's great leaders.

Like John F. Kennedy, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and I am Irish Catholic.

Like Bernie Sanders, I lived in Burlington Vermont when I went to college at the University of Vermont from 1985 to 1989, the same time that Bernie was Mayor of Burlington Vermont, before he became a Senator.

I share many of Bernie's views and, like Bernie, I have got no love from our Democratic party.  I have been a life long Democrat and I am an official, California Secretary of State Certified, Democratic Candidate in this Congressional Race, yet the Democratic party would not even let me participate in a debate that they held despite my several polite requests to do so.  They just hand picked the candidate that they are pushing on you to maintain their system of CONTROL, INNEFECTIVENESS, AND NO REAL CHANGE!

Like Abraham Lincoln, I studied law and practiced as a lawyer for a long time, 23 years, helping real people and becoming a good lawyer before entering politics.

My opponents in this race are young power hungry types, seeking power over you at an early age, with little real world experience or legal knowledge to effectively lead you. 

Many of them are Latino, but the outcome of this election CANNOT BE BASED ON RACE.  The last person who held this congressional seat was Latino BUT FAILED TO ADDRESS AND CORRECT problems that Latinos face in Los Angeles.  I promise to fix these problems for our Latino community.

Every person of every race, of every faith, of every age, and of every sex needs a STRONG WILLED, UNCORRUPTED, KNOWLEDGABLE LEADER RIGHT NOW.



I am the best, most qualified candidate for congress in this race.  The other candidates are tied to special interests that do not have the people's interests at heart or, they are young and lack life experience, and lack legal experience. 

In Congress your job is to make new laws and repeal old laws that are bad.  That takes a lawyer with lots of experience and a good understanding of the United States Constitution to do that. 

Also, a congressman must be personable, someone who knows how to get along with people and to influence people over time.  I am the most personable, people smart candidate.  That is important because in Congress you are trying to influence other representatives, including Republicans, to vote for passing your law.  If you cannot do that you will achieve nothing in Congress.

The other Candidates all say they will "Fight Trump".  They will achieve nothing if they go to Congress with that attitude.  Success in Congress depends on the congressman's ability to get along with and persuade the other Congressmen.  I am super good at that and it is part of the reason that I am going to be the best Congressman that we have ever had in LA.

Jimmy Gomez, the Candidate endorsed by the corrupt leaders of our Democratic party, is THE ABSOLUTE WORST CANDIDATE that could be chosen.  He is supported by the private prison industry, the corporations that profit off sending your sons to prison. Google FEC filings for Gomez. 

Also, Gomez is an admitted "ghost voter" which means he illegally casts votes for his buddies at the California Assembly when they do not bother to come to the assembly.  Google "Jimmy Gomez ghost voter."  He will not bring positive change to the system, rather, he is part of the corrupt system.

Sara Hernandez is backed by developers.  She will bring about more high end development to LA that forces working families out of their homes.

This is why Gomez and Hernandez have tons of money to blast you with mailings and telephone calls.  They got the money from wealthy corporations that are bad for people.

The other candidates are too young, and lack legal experience and are saying they will "Fight Trump" which means they will accomplish nothing in Congress.  You might as well elect a door stop to congress as they will achieve the same thing - nothing.

I am the best candidate.  I know the laws, I am not supported by any corrupt interests. I have a good heart for the people and have spent 23 years as a lawyer for the people, helping the little guy.  My campaign is grass roots.

I have taken no contributions over $200.  If you support my candidacy please vote for me. Recommend your friends to vote for me, join me on the street talking to voters, please click the link for contributions on this website and donate $10.

Please share this with your friends and be a part of Los Angeles' New Future.

L.A. is a great place.  I am proud of it and it's people.  We need to take it to the next level and we will.  When times get tough I have one personal motto, "keep swinging".  Use that yourself and teach it to your children,  It's true and will serve you well.

As I write to you today, I am not white, I am not Catholic, I am not Irish, I am an AMERICAN,  and so are you,  it is time for each one of us to be empowered in the American system.  Together we will do that.

Thank You and God Bless.

Richard J. Sullivan

Candidate for the House of Representatives, 34th Congressional District



Woman's March L.A.

Royce Harris, Department of Veteran's Affairs





Sunday, March 5, 2017 3:47 AM

At the Original Pantry Downtown

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 5:30 PM

Richard Visits LACC


Friday, February 10, 2017 10:05 PM

Campaign in the Rain

Committee to Elect Richard Sullivan
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